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Who we are

Our unique approach to education encompasses the urgency to be relevant for an ever-changing world. With the development of AI and other technologies that have potential to widen the gap of inequalities and directly affect employability of future talent, teaching and learning at our school is driven by a combination of leading industry practitioners and expert subject teachers. Our explorers are actively involved in the development of our satellite city, Nkwashi. Nkwashi (which means eagle) is a Soli word honouring the Soli people who live in this area. They are ruled by Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II (Elizabeth Mulenje) of Chongwe District in Lusaka Province. She has been a chieftainess in the area since 1976. This satellite town is the home of a variety of indigenous trees and wildlife spread out on 3100 acres of land. We advocate for preservation of all the beautiful elements of nature around us and our learners actively campaign through art and poetry, to keep the city lush and green with trees everywhere.

  • Christian ethos
  • Wealth management
  • Care and safety
  • Embracing Nature


Variety of produce

Our garden currently has lavender, aloe vera, parsley, basil, marjoram, mint, rosemary, succulents, leeks, green peppers, spring onions, spinach, rape, carrots, cabbage, cucumber, and watermelon. We hope to grow more and include additional varieties. We have partnered with SeedCo and will soon introduce a new line of SeedCo products. Our farmhouse club exists to teach us how to grow our own produce, package, and sell it. From an early age, we plan to understand wealth management as this will help reduce inequalities in our communities

22000 ZMW

Piggy Bank

From our money-making ventures, we can say that we have earned about this much from our efforts as children. We are thankful to our teachers and advisors, especially Ina-Marlene Ruthernberg former world bank head for Zambia who is constantly challenging us to push products onto the local market. Our goal is to close inequality gaps by starting to make and manage money from as early as Grade 1


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Our team

Misheck Banda Head of Academics and Math proficiency

Misheck Banda

Head of Academics and Math proficiency

Mundia Litebele Music Teacher

Mundia Litebele

Music Teacher

Emmanuel Ndemena Life and Sports Coach

Emmanuel Ndemena

Life and Sports Coach

Ihauka Mulola Teacher Computer Studies & English language and Literature

Ihaku Mulola

Computer Studies & English language and Literature Teacher

Mpela Naomi Mumba School Administrator

Mpela Naomi Mumba

School Administrator


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